You’ve probably heard how easy it is to protect your family, your home, and your valuables these days. It’s nothing like the hassle it used to be.

Technology has changed everything and made it simple too. This is because wireless technology has made home security installation an afternoon project, rather than the all-day nightmare that was when technicians had to drill holes in your walls, cut cables, and set up a system that worked fine.

SimpliSafe has changed everything related to home security. As they like to say: “There are no annual contracts, there are no intermediaries and no landlines required. You get superior protection for less than half what traditional companies charge.”

Simple installation

The best part is that it’s so easy to install. Eight components will arrive in the mail, including a key fob remote control for your SimpliSafe home security system.

Most of the other components take only a few minutes to install. This is because you simply peel off the tape, stick the component to the wall, and activate the lithium batteries, which have a battery life of approximately 5 years, by removing the activation strip from the battery.

Base station

You may have seen the futuristic-looking SimpliSafe base station. It seems to float on a blue light. It is the central component for your home security system with an 85db alarm and a mini cell phone that will communicate with SimpliSafe. It is also the only component that connects, although it does have a battery backup.

When you begin to install your system, you will hear the response from the base station. ‘Welcome to SimpliSafe’ and so on. Once you connect your base station, you are ready to install the SimpliSafe system


The SimpliSafe wireless keyboard is where you will enter your personal identification number (PIN). If your house is broken into, thieves will not be able to disable the keyboard. If they break it, SimpliSafe will be alerted.

To install, remove the adhesive backing and battery activation strip, then press firmly against the wall. That’s it.

Input sensors

SimpliSafe entrance sensors can be configured on doors or windows. Each has two parts, a magnet and a sensor. You will install the magnet on one side of the door or window and the sensor on the other side, side by side. So when someone opens the door or window, the sensor is triggered. To install, remove the adhesive backing and battery activation strip. Press firmly against your doors and windows.

Thermal motion sensors

These one-piece sensors are shaped to fit around corners. Install by removing the strips and pressing firmly against the wall. Thermal motion sensors will sweep the room looking for intruders. Don’t worry, most pets won’t activate it.

Panic button

Talk about tranquility. You can set up the SimpliSafe panic button next to your bed or near a family member who may need additional protection. Just press the panic button and SimpliSafe is alerted that something is wrong. That’s home security! To install: Remove adhesive backing and battery activation strip. Press the panic button firmly against the wall.

Extra loud alarm

You can set a second alarm. This one triggers a penetrating 105db alarm, which is as loud as a rock concert!

Superior protection for home

SimpliSafe doesn’t skimp on home security. These are multi-layered home security systems that protect you from intruders, the weather outside, and loitering. It starts with an incredibly loud alarm that will scare away most thieves. One is a super loud 85db siren and the second is a 105db siren.

There are sensors for your doors and windows. Additionally, SimpliSafe has devices to alert you to fires, carbon monoxide, freezing pipes, floods, and more. SimpliSafe has sensors to alert you to broken windows or even if the keyboard is broken. Not only that, but SimpliSafe receives an almost instantaneous alert when your system is activated.

This is cutting edge technology, so you can imagine how quickly you will know that your family and home are at risk. You can receive a text message alert or view live streaming video from inside and outside your home with SimpliCam video cameras.

SimpliSafe will give you peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your family and home.